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Crossfit is.....

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Be careful what you read, hear and watch! Could this not be more true than today and the world we live in? Forget about politics for just a moment because with almost everything we are involved with there's a spin on what is, is. So here is what Crossfit is, to me.

If I were to give you a word salad of top of mind thoughts here are my top 10 words:

Family, disciplined, rewarding, educational, determined, inspiring, fun, accomplished, strength and rhythm. These descriptors change as your journey continues but today this it, for me. Everyday is a little different from the day before. With a great coach that allows for the correct modification per your ability level, making sure you adhere to the proper techniques and encouraging you to finish strong during each and every session, it quickly becomes very easy to leave each day feeling accomplished.

Why did I get started? I'm now 48 years old and I lifted weights in high school and college along with some cardio. As I entered into my adult and professional years I ran more than I lifted weights because it was just the most convenient thing to do. As I accomplished many half marathons and one full marathon, it was becoming apparent that just running was no longer keeping the pounds off. So, I had to give Crossfit a try. I needed a few things to be successful:

  1. Commitment - Need to meet someone, somewhere. Class started at 6:00 a.m. Paid for the membership. No turning back!

  2. Accountability - Class instructor is counting on me to fill that spot I reserved in her class

  3. Full Body workout with Instruction with allowance for modification as needed

  4. Variety - Never boring yet structured each and every class

With these things in place and 4-5 months now behind me, the soreness is not as prevalent, the techniques are getting better each day and the people I look forward to seeing each morning are always fun and encouraging.

Find a Crossfit gym near you if any of this resonates and just get started. The fitness industry is a happy place because it's a community of hustlers, hard-working, friendly, encouraging and goal oriented people. I have loved MY Crossfit experience!

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