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This is Us!

You could say I’m just an average Joe!  Certainly a common name, and even my height at 5’10 is considered to be average according to US averages for male adult men.  Go Figure!  I’m a broadcast major so I’ve never shied away from the microphone or camera. With the help of the young guy to the right (Yes, he’s my oldest kid, Nick) and our “unkept producer” (does not want to be identified) follow us on a journey of doing things just a little different. If you want to see real ideas, in real-time, succeed or fail, this might be the spot!  Join the journey, join the fun, STAND OUT from the crowd….Disruption occurs in the market when you choose to break from the norms.  We are all set to disrupt communication, grab your attention and better understand what social media, streaming video, podcasts, video blogs and much more can actually do in business, sports and entertainment on a very local level!  Where this leads, we don’t have a clue but we do have an idea and it's beyond local. I believe the journey is worth following!  Here we go!


There are 47,708 people in the U.S. named Joe Smith.  Here we go!


Our Best Side